Our focus is to generate more frequent returns for shareholders and investors


We seize opportunities quickly but carefully understand how we manage risk, and maximize value within 3 to 5 years. 


We provide a deeper level of engagement and instill capital disciplines that focus on growth, profitability and shareholder value.

Exit Management

Our transformation is designed to attract market liquidity and produce consistent returns more frequently. 

We favor underperforming, strained and imbalanced organizations

Intrinsic Factors

  • Depressed investor confidence

  • Unable to increase market share

  • Increasing operating inefficiencies

  • Key Investors motivated for change

Extrinsic Landscape

  • In a good to strong growing market

  • Can increase sales within 24-36 months

  • Strong market and product adoption

  • Stock has good buyer and seller audience

Our Restrictions

  • Intellectual property disputes

  • Litigation / Regulatory Investigations

  • Minimum 5 Year Operating History

  • Min annual revenue of $5m-$10m